Calm before the storm

It’s almost time! My wife is 38 weeks pregnant today and whilst we’ve had a few hints that our little boy may be on his way soon, there’s no real sign of him yet. The title of this post suggests we’re pretty relaxed at the moment, and whilst to family and friends we may look it, we’re actually trying to find a balance between being super duper excited for his arrival and not getting too carried away; there’s still plenty of time.

We’ve been busy getting his nursery ready and after decorating and lots of fiddly building of various bits of furniture (including a cot bed with no instructions!) it’s finally finished… all it needs now is a little human to live in it.

Here’s a little peek of his Moses basket with Winnie The Pooh bunting.



2 thoughts on “Calm before the storm

  1. Don’t forget – lean over the cot while he’s still at an impressionable age. Just whisper, “You can’t borrow the car at the weekend” and “You don’t like Daddy’s beer.” Will pay huge dividends in 18 years’ time…


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